EzBuffer Total Alkalinity Increaser

EzBuffer Alkalinity Increaser 1Kg


EzBuffer Spa Total Alkalinity Increaser raises the alkalinity reading and prevents fluctuations during pH adjustment.




EzPlus pH Increaser

EzPlus pH Increaser 1Kg


EzPlus pH Increaser is used to increase the pH balance of the Spa/Hot tub water. The correct pH is critical to ensure bather comfort and to minimise damage to the fabric of the spa.




EzDown pH Reducer

EzDown pH Reducer 1Kg


EzDown pH and Alkalinity Reducer is used to balance pH levels to ensure a comfortable bather comfort and to get maximum efficiency from the sanitiser.




EzCal Hardness increaser

EzCal Hardness Increaser 1Kg


Hardness Increaser is used to prevent soft water etching Hot Tub surfaces which will the become abrasive and uncomfortable for bathers. Rough surfaces also encourage algae growth.




Silver ions

Freshwater Silver Ion


Continuous Silver Ion will give brilliantly clear, odour free sap water by releasing a steady supply of silver ion that inhibits growth of bacteria. For use with Hotspring Spas.